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Imagination Meet Implementation

We come with innovative software solutions for the customers with new technology frameworks to offer the best to you, Delivering a top-quality product with a perfect design ensuring together with customer satisfaction to match your budget.

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Unlock your business potential with K-SOFT: A decade of expertise in ERPs, information management, E-commerce and more.

Web Applications

Empower Your Digital Presence with Seamless Web Applications

Standalone Applications

Unleash the Power of Mobility with Next-Generation Mobile Apps

Mobile Application

Unleash the Power of Mobility with Next-Generation Mobile Apps

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Online Presence with Reliable Hosting Solutions

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Boost Your Visibility, Dominate Search Engines with Expert SEO Optimization

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What Makes K-Soft the Best Choice for Your Business Needs?

  • App Empowering Business with Modern Technology

    K-SOFT leverage the latest technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions

  • Maximum ROI

    Our goal is to help business archive their objectives without breaking the bank

  • Scalability

    Our solution are designed to be flexible allowing expansion without having to replace

  • Unbeatable after sale Support

    We provide troubleshooting repair service, and warranty to ensure customer satisfaction

Our Journey


    Sowing the seeds

    K-SOFT was founded in 2011 as a proprietorship business. Both the company’s success and its clientele have increased since that time


    New investors and a New Boost

    K-SOFT underwent a PVT (LTD) conversion in 2016 to change from a sole proprietorship to a private limited company


    Origin of the new legacy

    K-SOFT Pvt (LTD) has been managed by a board of directors since Radix localiter took it under its wing in 2018, and the business has since continued to develop technologically


    Through growth and properity

    K-SOFT Pvt (Ltd) has successfully finished various projects in a variety of industries in 2023, including the healthcare, agricultural, commercial, and retail markets. These successes show the company’s adaptability and proficiency in providing top-notch solutions to its customers.

Empowering Project Communication and Transparency for Success

  • This stage includes Ksoft meeting with your company experts and analysing system requirements. We believe communication and full consensus is key, to building a strong foundation to any project.

  • This stage consists of structure and development of the proposed system. From building the logical design to UI engineering, to programming and actively participating in a test driven cycle, we make sure that all requirements noted in the first stage are met. We also take good note to focus on performance, security and all non functional needs.

  • This stage concludes with testing, implementation and further maintenance. We make sure that what was described in the beginning, is met in the end product and if necessary, control its environmental adaptability for continued performance.